Featured Books

Crop systems biology /
by Yin, Xinyou

Biofortification of Food Crops
by Singh, Ummed; Praharaj, C S; Singh, S. S; Singh, N. P.

Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars of India: a perspective on quality and diversity
by Nadaf, Altafhusain; Mathure, Sarika; Jawali, Narendra

Plant, Soil and Microbes : Volume 1: Implications in Crop Science
by Hakeem, Khalid Rehman; Akhtar, Mohd. Sayeed; Abdullah, Siti Nor Akmar.

Molecular breeding for sustainable crop improvement
Rajpal, Vijay Rani; Rama Rao, S; Raina, S. N.

Stress responses in plants : mechanisms of toxicity and tolerance
by Tripathi, Bhumi Nath; Müller, Maria

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Newly Published Articles

Reducing emissions from agriculture to meet the 2° C target
By Wollenberg, E; Richards, M; Smith, P; Havlík, P; Obersteiner, M; Tubiello, F. N; Herold, M; Gerber, P; Carter, S; Reisinger, A; van Vuuren, D; Dickie, A; Neufeldt, H; Sander, B. O; Wassmann, R; Sommer, R; Amonette, J. E; Facucci, A; Herrero, M; Opio, C; Roman-Cuesta, R; Stehfest, E; Westhoek, H; Ortiz-Monasterio, I; Sapkota, T; Rufino, M. C; Thornton, P. K; Verchot, L; West, P. C; Soussana, J. F; Baedeker, T; Sadler, M; Vermeulen, S; Campbell, B. M.
Quantifying source-sink relationships of rice under high night-time temperature combined with two nitrogen levels
By Shi, W; Xiao, G; Struik, P. C; Jagadish, K. S. V; Yin, X.
Rice response to simultaneous bacterial blight and drought stress during compatible and incompatible interactions
By Dossa, G. S; Torres, R; Henry, A; Oliva, R; Maiss, E; Vera Cruz, C; Wydra, K.
Reducing risk to food security from climate change
By Campbell, B. M; Vermeulen, S. J; Aggarwal, P. K; Corner-Dolloff, C; Girvetz, E; Loboguerrero, A. M; Ramirez-Villegas, J; Rosenstock, T; Sebastian, L; Thornton, P; Wollenberg, E.


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