Featured Books

Biochemistry & molecular biology of plants /
Bob B. Buchanan, Wilhelm Gruissem, and Russell L. Jones.

Organic amendments and soil suppressiveness in plant disease management.
Mukesh K. Meghvansi, Ajit Varma.

Nitrogen management in crop production /
Fageria, N. K

Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars of India
Nadaf, Altafhusain; Mathure, Sarika; Jawali, Narendra.

Biofortification of food crops
Singh, Ummed; Praharaj, C S; Singh, S. S; Singh, N. P.

Beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, aquaculture and other areas /
Liong, Min-Tze.

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Newly Published Articles

Yield gaps in rice-based farming systems: Insights from local studies and prospects for future analysis
By Stuart, A. M; Pame, A. R. P; Silva, J. V; Dikitanan, R. C; Rutsaert, P; Malabayabas, A. J. B; Lampayan, R. M; Radanielson, A. M; Singleton, G. R.

Combined chlorophyll fluorescence and transcriptomic analysis identifies the P3/P4 transition as a key stage in rice leaf photosynthetic development
By van Campen, J. C; Yaapar, M. N; Narawatthana, S; Lehmeier, C; Wanchana, S; Thakur, V; Chater, C; Kelly, S; Rolfe, S. A; Quick, W. P; Fleming, A. J.

Nitrogen use efficiency is mediated by vacuolar nitrate sequestration capacity in roots of Brassica napus
By Han, Y. L; Song, H. X; Liao, Q; Yu, Y; Jian, S. F; Lepo, J. E; Liu, Q; Rong, X. M; Tian, C; Zeng, J; Guan, C. Y; Ismail, A. M; Zhang, Z. H.

Consumers’ avoidance of information on red meat risks: information exposure effects on attitudes and perceived knowledge
By Gaspar, R; Luis, S; Seibt, B; Lima, M. L; Marcu, A; Rutsaert, P; Fletcher, D; Verbeke, W; Barnett, J.


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